EPDM ( Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer )
EPDM rubber granules have been used in the flooring industry for many years. It is the number one choice for sport surfaces, including Olympic running tracks, since the 1960’s. It is used in both residential and commercial projects to provide long term UV stability, strength and colour consistency. Our EPDM has been used all over the world in hot and cold climates and continues to perform year after year. EPDM rubber granules are available in a wide range of Sulpher or Peroxide cured colours. The colour of the granule is consistent to the core, not just coated on the outside, ensuring long lasting quality & colour, even in high traffic environments.
Technical Details
EPDM granules comes in mesh sizes of 1-4mm.
Scientific test have been performed in Malaysia's LGM, RRIM and other countries.
Colours are available in red, green and blue
Packing Standard
• 25 kgs / woven bag
• 1,000 kgs / pallet
Our Product Application