SBR Granules
SBR is an environmental friendly, granulated tyre material which are used primarily in playgrounds.
EPDM Granules
EPDM rubber granules are the number one choice for sport surfaces, including Olympic running tracks.
Tyre Buffing
Tyre buffings or buffing dust, are most commonly used on pour-in-place playgrounds as the base layer material.
Safety Civil Products
These safety civil products are aimed to reduce damage on property and vehicle and also human injury.
Our Product Application

About Us
Nation Trade is the new generation of SBR granules and reclaim rubber manufacturer in Malaysia with 8 years of history.It has been privatized and fully Malaysian owned since 2006.
In addition to its experience and ad-hoc technology of the modern crushing and reclaimed process with the end product application requirements. The plant is located in Puchong Perdana Industrial Park, Selangor.
Nation Trade is an environmental friendly company. It processes all kinds of off grade rubber from factories within Malaysia. Thus it is a main donor towards keeping the atmosphere clean....Read more
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